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The Indianapolis Coffee Guide

intentionally doesn't require the any personal information, nor does it track you for any specific reason.

We do ask for your name and email when contacting us so that we may respond to your inquiries. We promise not to ever intentionally do anything with your information for any reason other than to respond to you.

Email Addresses

We do offer an option on the website to sign-up for our email newsletter, which to be honest, doesn't come out very often. Again, your email address will never be used against you. It is collected solely for the purpose of email newsletters. We rely on third-party software (whaddup, Mailchimp) to manage that for us.


As far as I know, we don't track cookies for any reason. I have no need to, nor do I ever intend to manipulate your experience with cookies.

I do, however, highly encourage the consumption of real-life cookies. Yum.

We Care About You

It's true - personally and professionally. We're not in the business (or any business, really) of selling you anything. We just have to have this page. If you are anxious about your privacy, hopefully this page helps.


If you have any questions about any of this, or want me to hook you up with some cookies, shoot me an email at .