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Rabble Coffee Fights the Opiod Epidemic - Literally

Rabble Coffee Fights the Opiod Epidemic - Literally

SERIOUS UPDATE. Josie has literally been fighting the opiod epidemic. Check this crazy sh!t out. And go buy everything from Rabble.

READ THIS: Indy coffee shop owner saves man’s life just hours after store hosted naloxone training

Small gestures. Big impact. That should be Rabble Coffee’s motto.

Rabble Coffee on the Near East Side recently made news for offering naloxone, an opioid-overdose-reversal drug.

It’s no secret that Indiana has been struggling with a severe opioid crisis for the last several years (maybe even longer), and this small gesture can really make a big impact.

I could regurgitate all of the facts, but this is a serious subject, so you should check out these news professionals:

But That’s Not All

If you’ve been following Rabble from any distance, you know that Josie and her team have been doing incredible work in their community since Day 1. (I’d go on the record to guess even before that.)

Rabble has always been and will always be a hub for community action - it is just engrained in their fabric. One of my favorite things about going to Rabble is that people are always running into each other there. I mean, every single time I’ve ever been, nearly everyone that walks in the door knows someone who is already there.

I could go on and on about the work they’ve done, but I know I could never do them justice with just words on a blog.

So take all of your money, grab all of your friends, and head to Rabble for coffee, pastries, vegan doughnuts, and the like. We owe it to Rabble for taking such good care of us.

How to Find Rabble Coffee

It’s not hard. Just head here for directions, or follow 10th Street to the Near East Side. And of course, you can follow them online @rabblecoffee.



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