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7 Best Brunches in Indy with Killer Coffee

7 Best Brunches in Indy with Killer Coffee

There’s a magical world that can only be reached mid-morning on Saturday & Sunday mornings. It’s a fantastic world full of bright windows, avocado toast, sous-vide eggs, rosemary biscuits, orange juice, and champagne. Everyone is tired, but everyone is happy. It’s restorative. It’s rejuvenating. It’s brunch.

Just in time for Spring, here’s a list of the 7 best brunch spots in Indianapolis (in no particular order) that just so happen to serve a killer cup of coffee.

1. Milktooth

Fountain Square’s brunch mecca has been making national news since its inception and rightly so. The food menu at Milktooth is carefully crafted, and the coffee menu is spectacular. Whether you’re dining in or just hitting the coffee bar, you can indulge in some of the most well prepared coffee in Indianapolis.


2. The Garden Table

I’ve written about The Garden Table - Mass Ave before because obviously. The food menu is as bright and vibrant as the interior of the space, and the coffee game is unbeatable. (It also doesn’t hurt that it’s the most Instagrammable spot on Mass Ave.)


3. Open Society Public House

Before Open Society became Indy’s go-to spot for South American-inspired cuisine, it served up some of the best coffee in the city. And it really helped pave the way for some of the new coffee shops in town.

Fun fact: Neal Warner, mastermind behind Coat Check Coffee (and soon-to-be Provider), was the OG coffee director at Open Society and helped mold the coffee program into what it is today.


4. Cafe Patachou

This Indianapolis staple has always offered serious coffee with their crave-able brunch menu, and they’ve really been stepping it up.

Patachou’s new Carmel location has taken their coffee game to a completely new level. The shiny gold brunch spot boasts a full-service coffee bar at the front of the restaurant with the latest and greatest coffee equipment.


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5. Love Handle

At Love Handle, there’s just so much to…love. It goes without saying that you’d be silly to go anywhere else in Indy for biscuits & gravy. And did you know they also serve up a killer cup of coffee. (It’s Tinker Coffee, so obviously.)


6. Porter Books & Breads

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you don’t know Porter Books & Bread exists. And it’s high time for that to change.

Porter is nestled in a beautiful space at Fort Ben in Lawrence. They have an amazing menu of locally sourced foods, including Broad Ripple Chip Company AND BREAD THAT’S MADE IN HOUSE. BREAD. And bagels. And chips. And eggs. And meats. And coffee that’s roasted in house. Ugh. It’s so good that I had them cater my recent wedding. That says a lot.


7. Eggshell Bistro

Listen. The drive to Carmel for Eggshell Bistro is WORTH EVERY ROUNDABOUT. The “globally inspired” menu is unlike anything you can find in the area. And the coffee? They have a partnership with Four Barrel Coffee, and they care just as much as carefully crafted cortado as they do about their shakshuka.

Other buzzwords include: Japanese siphon, smoked duck breast, cranberry chevre, pomegranate rouge, frizzled hen’s egg, and cherry-studded buckwheat and black sesame waffles.

Coffee + Brunch = You CAN Have It All

We’ve been treating brunch like such a phenomena for so long, and rightly so, but there’s one piece we’ve been neglecting for far too long: the coffee. Luckily, many popular brunch spots have been seriously stepping up their coffee games to match their fancy menus.

The Indianapolis Coffee Guide is a curated look into Indy's incredible coffee scene. We've got some of the best coffee shops, coffee roasters, and baristas in the world, and I am so thankful to be able to share that with you.


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